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Neuroplasticity is one of the hottest areas of science right now. Neuroplasticity is the discovery that the brain can change for the better, at any age, far more than we ever realized.

  • Our brain can help us recover from pain, injuries, and disabilities.

  • Our brain can help us learn more than we ever thought possible.

  • Our brain can help keep us vital longer than we ever imagined.

  • Our brain is a treasure trove of untapped possibilities!

The question remains: How do you tap into this remarkable potential of the brain?

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“Movement is the language of the brain.”

—Anat Baniel

What Is NeuroMovement® and How Does It Change the Brain?

We now know that the brain can change, at any age. The question is:
What changes the brain?

The answer is:  Movement.

Einstein was right: “Nothing happens until something moves.”

The questions become: What needs to move? How does it need to move? And what is the potential of that movement?

In the human organism, there are no one-way streets. The mind affects the body. The body affects the mind. In fact, the dichotomy between them is an illusion. It’s a circle. A circuit.

Anat Baniel has spent her entire career, over 30 years, exploring the conditions and the kind of movements that develop the brain. She has defined easy-to-use tools and movements for positive brain change. Anat calls these specialized movements and tools NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials.

Find out what is possible with NeuroMovement®.

“Our only limitation is our belief that it is so.”

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Pioneer in the Mind-Body Field
keys to brain power

The 9 Essentials Are the Keys to Your Brain’s Potential

Imagine that your brain is like a vault, full of rich possibilities. NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials offer the keys to open this vault and access incredible new learning and growth.
Each Essential helps your brain create new connections to overcome pain and limitation, and reach new levels of physical, emotional, and cognitive performance.

Make the impossible possible

Making the Impossible Possible

The Exciting  News: We don’t know what’s possible. We’re on the frontier of learning what’s possible. This holistic NeuroMovement® Method is proving that the “impossible” IS often possible. We have worked with children and adults who have moved way beyond expectations and limitations. And they continue to learn and develop throughout their lives.

NeuroMovement with children

NeuroMovement® with Children: Becoming Brilliant Learners

Children are amazing learning machines. They depend 100% on learning for everything they’ll ever be able to do. And learning occurs in the brain. With NeuroMovement®, we provide the conditions that make it possible for your child’s brain to become a brilliant learning brain—even for children with severe disabilities.

NeuroMovement with adults

NeuroMovement® with Adults: Better Fitness & Long, Healthy Lives

Do you want to overcome pain and achieve greater mobility, vitality, brilliance, and joy in your life? The key lies in your brain’s ability to wake up and create new connections. With the right conditions, your brain can create new solutions for most any challenge, at ANY age. Discover how to tap into the power of your brain with NeuroMovement®.

NeuroMovement Whole Body Fitness Program

Try Our NeuroMovement® Video Programs

In addition to using the 9 Essentials in your daily life, you can choose from a variety of NeuroMovement® video programs. These programs will enrich your experience and help you to access more of your brain’s potential. Find pain relief, gain greater fitness, mobility, mental clarity, and vitality. Get our free 9 Essentials eBook and receive 20% OFF select NeuroMovement® Video Programs!

Unleash the Power of Your Brain

Make the Impossible Possible