How Can You Manage Chronic Pain Naturally?

NeuroMovement® Offers Natural Pain Relief for a Variety of Conditions

Pain can be caused by injuries, surgeries, and other medical conditions. However, most often pain comes from the way you have been using your body, like the way you stand, how you walk, and the movements you do every day. Often, habitual and rigid patterns of movement are the cause of the pain you experience.  And these patterns of movement are all formed in the brain.

NeuroMovement® offers natural pain relief by focusing on the power of your brain to change patterns of movement. We have worked with thousands of people who have overcome chronic pain.  Pain-free movement has made it possible for many of these adults to fully participate in life again, with greater creativity, vitality, and joy.

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NeuroMovement® Helps You Find Relief From Back, Shoulder, Hip, and Joint Pain

“I recently purchased three ABM DVD programs…In just a few days my chronic back pain has been greatly reduced, plus the freedom of movement in my back and pelvis is greater than it’s been in years, plus so many other benefits I’ve noticed. Since finishing the Healthy Backs DVD, my back is completely pain-free. After more than 25 years of chronic back pain, I thought this could never be possible! The work you’re doing is nothing short of miraculous.”

—Joe I.

With NeuroMovement®  and the 9 Essentials, you will become more flexible and stronger. Your breathing and posture will improve, and you will experience better overall health and well-being. The changes you will see and feel with NeuroMovement®  may sometimes seem miraculous. Get ready for a whole new you! Learn more how the brain can help you overcome pain and limitation.

For over 30 years, we’ve found that NeuroMovement® has helped people of all ages overcome pain and limitations, including those suffering from:

How NeuroMovement® Can Naturally Relieve Aches, and Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Joint Pain

It is common to focus on the area that is painful, for example the lower back, and try to do something to make the pain go away.  You may try massaging, stretching, or rubbing the area. Doing these kinds of things may be somewhat helpful, at least temporarily. Of course, there is also medication, which is helpful short-term, but can be damaging or addictive long-term.

However, it is difficult to “fix” lower back pain by simply focusing on the lower back. What often is not understood is that pain is caused by deeply ingrained habits of movement. This means that to eliminate pain, you need to change the patterns of movement in your brain. You need to discover new ways to move your body as a whole. Discover how to eliminate back pain while strengthening your back.

“I ordered the Healthy Necks and Shoulders DVD. I noticed almost immediately after starting the lessons that I was sleeping better. I also feel like I’m moving better and that I have more energy and focus….the movement is helping loosen up areas that have been stiff and/or stuck for many years. So, I thank you for this incredible method you have developed….IT’S WORKING!!”

—Jennifer H.

Wake Up Your Brain and Find Pain-Free Ways to Move

Through the 9 Essentials and very safe, gentle NeuroMovement® lessons, you can wake up your brain and flood it with new information.  Your brain will discover new solutions and pain-free ways for you to move.  The pain goes away as your brain keeps changing and evolving, creating better alternatives for you. Click on the links below to learn more about this natural approach to pain relief.

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Access the Power of Your Brain

NeuroMovement® can help you discover pain-free movement and much more!