Holistic Approach to Brain Injuries and Strokes in Children

How NeuroMovement® Is Different from Other Approaches to Brain Injury

With NeuroMovement®, we will not try to make your child do what he or she can’t. Our belief is that if she could, she would. If he could, he would…

Rather than drilling your child in a repetitious way, we use the 9 Essentials to provide his brain with the information it requires to learn new skills. Once your child has mastered a new skill, he will practice it spontaneously, just as all children do.

With NeuroMovement®, we look to connect with your child in the moment, and start from what s/he can do. We tap into the enormous potential of the brain, using the 9 Essentials, to create new solutions to overcome challenges.

The 9 Essentials are the keys to helping your child—download our free eBook:

“Elise suffered a stroke shortly after birth and was unable to speak, use her left hand, or walk until she began getting lessons in this Method. Today Elise sang part of the ‘I Love You’ song from Barney for the very first time. Pretty incredible considering that 4 months ago she only uttered vowels. She lifted and opened her hamper with her left (previously paralyzed) hand….She is now sliding down short slides sitting upright and centered. We’re getting there!”

—Heather, Elise’s Mom

What Kinds of NeuroMovement® Outcomes Have You Seen with this Holistic Approach?

With NeuroMovement®, we’ve observed babies, young children, and teenagers learn to move, think, feel, and act in ways that seemed impossible before. We have seen these children improve academically and physically, become happier, and develop full and more independent lives.

We have also worked with children who have been born missing portions of their brain, or they may have had a portion of their brain removed (due to seizures). These children have gone on to live full lives, with very few limitations. View the video of Elizabeth, who was born missing a third of her cerebellum.  She learned to walk and talk, and moved well beyond her doctors’ prognoses, going on to college, and even dancing at her wedding!

“Isaac was born 5 weeks premature, contracted meningitis, and suffered seizures and a stroke. Isaac was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and left visual field impairment. At 5 months Isaac had his first session with Anat….Today, Isaac is a healthy, intelligent, and happy boy; he speaks 3 languages; and has no problems with vision. He walks, runs, and keeps growing.”

—Rosemary, mother of Isaac

While it is greatly advantageous to start this kind of intervention as soon as possible, it’s never too late. The human brain is built to change throughout life. We have worked with children and teenagers with severe brain damage and extreme limitations who experienced transformational and life-changing results. Learn more about children and strokes.

More Breakthrough NeuroMovement® Outcomes of Children with Brain Injuries and Stroke

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Next Steps: How Can You Help Your Child Overcome Limitations from Brain Injuries and Stroke?

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