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Adults and Neuroplasticity: Accessing the Power of the Brain

The brain is one of the hottest scientific research areas today. For many years, scientists believed that the adult brain was unchangeable. However, our knowledge about the brain is accumulating daily. We have discovered neuroplasticity and all the remarkable things that the brain can do. We now know that an adult’s brain can change at any age. Learn how brain plasticity  provides the foundation for  NeuroMovement®.

The only question is: How do you tap into this incredible potential of the brain?

That’s where NeuroMovement® comes in. With this method, the focus is shifted from trying to fix the body and make it do what it can’t to focusing on the brain. With NeuroMovement®, we have identified what the brain needs to overcome limitations, often times considered insurmountable.

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How to Get More Energy, Vitality, Mental Clarity, and Improve Your Performance

The “secret” for achieving greater energy, vitality, mobility, brilliance, and joy lies in your brain’s ability to wake up and create new connections and patterns. The science of brain plasticity shows how, under the right conditions, the adult brain can change itself in positive ways, at any age. Even the birth of new brain cells can occur in adults, something believed impossible not too long ago.

Based upon brain plasticity principles, the 9 Essentials are practical, easy-to-use tools that you can use in daily life to wake up your brain. Each Essential helps your brain create new connections to overcome pain and limitation, and reach new levels of physical, emotional, and cognitive performance.

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NeuroMovement® Helps Adults With Chronic Pain, Injuries, Stroke, & Limitations from Aging

NeuroMovement® is a holistic approach that has helped many people who have suffered strokes, physical injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other limiting conditions.

Adults, from 18 to their 90’s who have been given limited diagnoses, have used NeuroMovement® to tap into the incredible power of their brain to change.

With NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials, you can live a fuller life without pain, with more mobility, with better mental clarity, and more vitality and joy!

We have also worked with high-performance athletes, musicians, business people, and other adults to help them move beyond their limitations to achieve greater energy, strength, health, and success.

Learn more about high-performing adults and NeuroMovement®.

I am now training for the next Olympic events.

As extra benefits I have noticed that my running has become easier, my performance on exercise machines has improved, and my recovery time is easier and shorter.

All this without additional training!

Carrie Edwards, Olympic Rower, Winner of 6 National Gold Medals

Unleash the Power of Your Brain

Reach new levels of performance and fitness with NeuroMovement®